Residents and business owners who have been in Naples for any length of time know that it is important to keep the code enforcement officers at bay.

Exterior Painting Contractors in Naples

They can truly be problematic for both residential and commercial property owners. Many of the code enforcement offices let it slide when it comes to exterior painting on homes and business in Naples however; others are real sticklers, and will cite property owners for fading or peeling paint. It’s better to maintain the existing paint or getting a repainting job done than it is to pay the astronomical fines imposed by the City of Naples or Collier County code enforcement officers. Besides, keeping your home or business looking good will help you preserve your investment in your home or commercial property. A good, quality paint job with professional paints will protect the stucco exterior, and help to reduce erosion. Professional painting jobs also last longer than projects completed by the typical do it yourselfer. Expo Painting offers the highest quality exterior painting professionals that any painting company has to offer residential or commercial properties.

Naples Exterior Painting Contractors for Commercial Properties

Business owners should know that keeping their commercial properties looking fresh and clean is one of the keys to maintain a reliable customer base. Naples residents rarely patronize businesses that look like they are in disrepair, nor do visitors to the area. They want to patronize businesses that look appealing and have quality services or merchandise. People won’t park their cars in the parking lot if the paint on the business is dingy, dirty or peeling. This is just how most people in Naples are. Hiring a professional painting contractor to regularly handle the exterior painting on a commercial property is well worth the cost, as the rewards will be much greater. Expo Painting can handle any size commercial painting project, large or small.

Residential Exterior Painting in Naples

A person’s house should be a reflection of whom they are as a person, and add a splash of their personality as well. Just as clothing styles change, so do the fashion trends in exterior painting colors for Naples homes. Of course, those living within communities with paint color limitations must have the painting contractors adhere to paint colors within the allowable color schemes. The Expo Painting experts can help residential property owners make color selections that will complement their homes, and still comply with their community guidelines.

Residential and Commercial Painting Contractors in Naples

Expo Painting is the premiere Naples painting company for both residential and commercial painting. They also offer a host of other services including sandblasting to prepare the property for repainting, power washing, pressure cleaning, sandblasting, renovations and interior painting. Call 239-300-4126 for all of your exterior painting needs.